Nissan launching a 2016 model of : Datsun redi-GO

04/14/2016 13:58:32
Nissan launching a 2016 model of : Datsun redi-GO
Nissan is launching the third model of : Datsun redi-GO

A new model of Nissan's compact cars will launch In New Delphi on Thursday, says Arun Malhotra the managing director of Nissan Motor India. Nissan unveiled that their compact car redi-Go under the brand of Datsun will hit the markets in June. The company still did not announce the price of the car that will compete with the likes of Maruti Suzuki Alto and Hyundai’s Eon.

Nissan Motors India managing director (MD) Arun Malhotra told reporters that the bookings for this model would start in May and deliveries would begin in June. Redi-GO is Nissan's third model under the Datsun brand in India and has come up on a brand new platform developed in India. Datsun came back in 2013 after nearly three decades of rest. It's history started in 1934 when Nissan Motors was formed from the merger of two Japanese car companies: DAT Automobile and Jitsuyo Automobile Cwhich.



In 2014, when Nissan launched the Datsun Go in India, it had said it was aiming to garner 10% share in the Indian passenger vehicles market by 2016. While last year, the Company has launched a compact multi-purpose vehicle Go+ to add to the Go small car in order to expand its network in small towns, to boost sales of its Datsun brand of vehicles.

It was clarified that the target is already missed, however, they don't give up and now are going to launch a third vehicle from its Datsun brand. Both (Nissan and Datsun) now aim to garner 5% market share in India by 2020.

The Nissan officials say that no Datsun redi-Go are intended for the U.S. market, however it may change depending of it's success.




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